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How Wearing Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Life in Small But Meaningful Ways


hearing aidsAre you one of the 15 million people living with hearing loss in the United States who is reluctant to seek professional medical help? If so, you may be surprised exactly how much you're missing out on. While it's understandable to feel self conscious or frustrated at the onset of hearing loss, the benefits of wearing a hearing aid greatly outweigh any initial reluctance or discomfort.

Assistive listening devices such as traditional and digital hearing aids are a lot like glasses; you feel annoyed or frustrated that you need them, but once you wear them, you'll wonder why you didn't seek help sooner! Just as glasses can help to restore your vision and make you feel more connected to the world, the benefits of hearing aids extend far beyond improved hearing.

Those who suffer from hearing loss or related conditions such as tinnitus or ringing ears can still lead healthy, active lifestyles with the proper treatment, which includes wearing listening devices such as hearing aids. In addition to clearer hearing, wearing hearing aids can improve your life in several other ways. Read on to find out more!

Here's how assistive listening devices can enhance your life aside from better hearing.

Improved personal and romantic relationships

Have you ever been misjudged as rude or standoffish simply because you couldn't clearly hear what someone was saying? Or perhaps you didn't even hear them at all! Hearing loss doesn't just affect you, but it also affects those around you, especially those you care about, those you work with, and those you interact with in your day to day life. Being able to hear clearly can help to dramatically improve your personal relationships, especially your professional and romantic relationships by creating a sense of connectedness.

Increased self confidence

Having impaired hearing can have a negative impact on your self esteem, causing you to feel and act unlike your usual self. You may find that you're less outgoing than usual, more guarded, and you even feel left out or irritable. While these feelings are normal, you can eliminate them by using assistive listening devices such as hearing aids. By wearing a hearing aid, you can engage in social situations with confidence and peace of mind.

Better academic and professional performance

Difficulty hearing can negatively impact both academic and professional performance. It's common for those who live with untreated hearing loss to experience challenges in school and work, making it hard to perform well. This struggle can eventually lead to a decrease in performance, and may even result in decreased earning potential, according to a 2007 study by the Better Hearing Institute.

Safety and security

Clear hearing also means improved personal safety. Whether your jogging outdoors, driving, working outside, or just enjoying life, hearing is essential to staying safe. Being able to clearly hear sirens, shouting, commotion, and other sounds of caution can empower you to take the appropriate measures.

Dr. Hinkle did a very good job explaining his findings. He spent a lot of time explaining the devices and adapting them to my hearing deficiency. I am very satisfied with Dr. Hinkle�s' office services. Nice staff. Very nice medical help. I will remain his patient. Very satisfied.

In the past I advised my sister in law to see Dr. Hinkle. She did and was satisfied. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Hinkle's services."

- Dr. Raul Oviedo, M.D., Elkton, VA

I have been very happy their service, cooperation and cheerful attitude. I would highly recommend that a friend go to their office and let Dr. Hinkle and his staff talk them through ALL the steps they should follow. I know they will not be "high pressured" into doing something they don't need. I also would tell them: 'You will like these people.'"

� - Bill Blessing, Charlottesville, VA

I am now on my second set of hearing aids and very pleased with the hearing aids and the support of Dr. Hinkle and his staff. Hearing aids are an experience but well worth the investment if you have a problem. You would be pleased with the services of Dr. Hinkle and his staff."

- Warren French Jr., Woodstock, VA