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Top Ten Ways to Treat Tinnitus


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Tinnitus is the name for a condition where a person commonly hears ringing in either one or both of their ears. However, they may also hear whistling, hissing, roaring, or buzzing noises. This can be short-term from experiencing a loud noise or long-term due to hearing loss. Either way, it can be an irritating problem for roughly 50 million people in the United States. So here are ten ways to try and treat your tinnitus.

  1. Cleaning Your Ears

    Believe it or not, simply decreasing the amount of earwax in your ears can start to decrease your tinnitus.

  2. Blood Vessel Repair

    After having a tinnitus hearing test, your doctor may discover the cause being an underlying blood vessel condition that he can help you treat.

  3. Medication Change

    Some medication can cause tinnitus symptoms. If the tinnitus is a continuous problem for you, your doctor may have you switch to a different medication.

  4. White Noise

    Machines that produce white noise, like fans, humidifiers or gentle noise machines can be used to treat tinnitus.

  5. Hearing Aids

    These assistive listening devices offer hearing protection, as well as can help treat tinnitus. These work especially well if your tinnitus is caused by hearing loss.

  1. Masking Devices

    Similar to hearing aids, these devices are worn in the ear, producing a low-level noise continuously to treat tinnitus.

  2. Tinnitus Retraining

    Like masking devices, these machines place low-level noise inside the ear to distract from the tinnitus. Through using music, instead of white noise, this can help retrain the ear to not hear the tinnitus anymore.

  3. Medications

    Though only recommended to use in cases of extreme tinnitus, some medications can be used to treat the symptoms.

  4. Alternative Treatment

    While no strong evidence exists to say alternative medicine works for tinnitus, they can be used as therapies. Methods like acupuncture and hypnosis may be able to assist.

  5. Vitamins

    Like alternative treatment, the use of vitamins to treat tinnitus is still up in the air. However, zinc and vitamin B supplements may be added to other treatments on this list.

Dealing with tinnitus isn't easy. The constant noise streaming into your ears can leave you unbelievably frustrated and longing for a few seconds of silence. Luckily, once you've determined the cause of your condition, your doctor can help you curb the condition and give you that sweet, sweet quiet.

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